Cannabis Banking Bill Gains Steam in US House

A bill that could bring clarity to payments for legal cannabis purchases in the U.S. was set for an important vote this week in the U.S. House of Representatives — though there is still a long path before that bill would become law. The news comes as financial institutions are putting pressure on lawmakers to resolve the situation, given the growing and lucrative nature of legal cannabis business and its inability to move away from cash-based transactions.

According to reports, the U.S. House Financial Services Committee was set to vote on Wednesday (March 27) on the Secure and Fair Enforcement of Banking Act of 2019, or the SAFE Banking Act, as it is more commonly known. A request for comment from the committee was not immediately returned.

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More limited Georgia medical marijuana sales bill advances

By Mark Niesse

On a 7-2 vote, the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee backed legislation to allow distribution of the drug through up to 10 dispensaries statewide — down from 60 dispensaries previously — along with any pharmacies that might be willing to sell it. The revised bill would allow two growing licenses, a decrease from 10 initially proposed.

The proposal, House Bill 324, is intended to provide access to medical marijuana oil to patients who are allowed to use it but have no legal way to buy it. More than 8,400 people are already registered with the state to consume the oil.

Patients suffering from seizures, deadly cancers and other illnesses have been able to legally take medical marijuana oil in Georgia since 2015.

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Marijuana Use For Joint Pains Now More Popular In Seniors

By Diane Samson Tech Times

Older American adults are turning to marijuana to relieve joint pains and symptoms of other health conditions that come with age.

Marijuana Use Among Senior Citizens

Over the years, the use of medical marijuana has soared among seniors citizens. In fact, industry experts agree that people aged 65 years and older are the fastest-growing segment of marijuana users across the country.

“I would say the average age of our customers is around 60, maybe even a little older,” stated Kelty Richardson, a registered nurse at the Holos Health clinic which provides physician-recommended cannabis.

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The SAFE Act Could Lead To Big Changes In The North American Cannabis Industry

By The Stock Stooge


The SAFE Banking Act is headed to the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday.

The SAFE Banking Act, if passed, would allow big US banks to provide banking services to cannabis companies.

It’s possible that the SAFE Banking Act could be expanded to affect exchange listings, allowing US cannabis companies to list on the major exchanges.

These changes are good for some players and bad for others.

Important legislation for the U.S. cannabis industry is coming. On Tuesday the House Financial Services Committee is scheduled to review and mark up a draft of what is being called The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. The SAFE Banking Act has several significant implications for the cannabis industry.

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Poll: 59 percent of Pennsylvania voters support legalizing recreational cannabis

As Lt. Gov. John Fetterman tours the state seeking input on recreational cannabis, a clear majority of Pennsylvania voters say in a new poll they support legalization.

A Franklin & Marshall College poll released Thursday shows 59 percent of respondents support legalizing marijuana. That number is unchanged from F&M’s May 2017 survey.

The number of voters who said they do not support cannabis legalization rose from 31 percent in 2017 to 34 percent in 2019.

Attitudes toward marijuana dramatically shifted in Pennsylvania between May 2006 — when F&M first asked the question in its survey — and May 2017. The number of respondents who said they support legalizing marijuana grew from 22 percent to 56 percent during that time.

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Seth Rogen launches weed company ‘to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis’

Seth Rogen in "Pineapple Express"

Source: Columbia Pictures
Seth Rogen in “Pineapple Express”

Comedy movie moguls Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg announced Wednesday the launch of Houseplant, a recreational Canadian cannabis company in collaboration with Ontario-based grower Canopy Growth.

“Houseplant is the result of years of experience and dedication, with each element and expression thoughtfully designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does,” the company said in a press release.

The two Vancouver natives have teamed up on popular films projects including “Superbad,” “Pineapple Express,” “The Interview” — and now cannabis.

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Hemp could boost Goshen County economy

By Tom Milstead Torrington Telegram Via Wyoming News Exchange

TORRINGTON — The Goshen County economy has taken some blows in recent years.
First, the Wyoming Ethanol production facility closed its doors and sent 20 employees out into the cold. The shutdown facility was a blow for local agriculture as well, as it bought 3.5 million bushels of corn per year.
Then came the long, drawn-out shut down of the Western Sugar beet sugar processing facility, which had been in operation in Torrington for nearly 100 years. Almost 200 people lost their jobs in the shutdown, and were turned out into a local economy that simply can’t support them.
The rotting hull of the factory looms in the city’s modest skyline, where it stands as a token of Torrington’s bad luck. It’s a sign that unless some company or entrepreneur decides to take a stake in Torrington, the future is – at best – uncertain.

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Got hemp? New regulations coming for CBD oil products

By Rick Armstrong, producer, and Gerald Owens, anchor/reporter

 — In North Carolina, cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is booming. Now, a new federal farm bill is bringing tighter regulations to the popular substance.

CBD oil comes from hemp plants and is already popular in many products made in North Carolina. Hemp “flowers,” which come from hemp plants, are a cousin of marijuana but without the psychoactive effects.

For Garrett Perdue, the CEO of Root Bioscience, hemp flowers are the core of his company’s future.

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How to Grow Your Cannabis Brand with Digital Marketing


Cannabis is one smokin’ industry. CBD, hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana are making headlines in all news sectors including politics, finance, health, wellness, cosmetics, and fashion.

While the cannabis industry is one of the hottest industries, marketing cannabis can be quite the buzzkill. This is especially true if you are trying to use Google Ads and social ads such as Facebook or Twitter.

Even the Super Bowl rejected a PSA-type ad promoting the legalization of medical marijuana, deeming it inappropriate and not up to the broadcaster’s standards.

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Kansas House endorses hemp sales. But would growers actually make money?