Canadian producers hoping U.S. eases cannabis prohibitions nervously eyeing calendar

By James McCarten

WASHINGTON — Canada’s cannabis industry, banking on the chance to expand into the United States, is nervously eyeing the American political calendar and the Biden administration’s narrow legislative window to ease federal prohibitions on recreational marijuana.

The White House has said U.S. President Joe Biden supports decriminalizing cannabis, legalizing pot for medicinal purposes and changing how marijuana is classified by the Department of Justice to allow for further study of its potential positive and negative effects.

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Four Cannabis Stocks for the Summer of 2021

By OTC Stock Review

ATLANTA, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cannabis stocks have staged a rousing return in recent weeks after a quiet first half of 2021. Sales are on the rise this year as revenue and profits for many cannabis companies have increased significantly. During the global COVID-19 pandemic medical marijuana was deemed “essential,” which definitely had an impact on increased sales. U.S. legal cannabis sales grew 46% year over year to $17 billion in 2020. The total U.S. economic impact from marijuana sales in 2021 is expected to reach $92 billion – up more than 30% from last year – and upwards of $160 billion in 2025, according to analysis from the newly published MJBizFactbook.

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Washington announces cannabis giveaway in state-approved ‘joint for jabs’ vaccine campaign

By Paulina Firozi

A vaccine can now get you some pre-rolled bud in the state of Washington.

The state’s liquor and cannabis board announced on Monday that in an effort to support coronavirus vaccinations, it will temporarily allow state-licensed cannabis retailers to give a free joint to adults who get their first or second dose at a vaccine clinic at one of the retail locations.

Call it the latest bounty in an ever-expanding list of incentives popping up across the countrymeant to push Americans to get their shots. “Joints for jabs” and similar campaigns have been around for months, with cannabis activist groups and local dispensaries offering joints for vaccinations. Now, a state is promoting the program.

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Citizen lawmakers find work in new cannabis industry

By Andy Lyman

Cannabis legalization in New Mexico was sold as, amongst other things, a job creator. Those who are eyeing the new industry are navigating proposed rules and regulations and making plans for real space, how many plants they will be able to grow and how to get their applications approved by the state. Now there seems to be a niche market for cannabis adjacent businesses, particularly those aimed at guiding business owners through the process. 

Even prior to the passage of the Cannabis Regulation Act in the New Mexico Legislature, a handful of consulting and legal firms specializing in cannabis regulations and law existed. But since the Cannabis Regulation Act passed, there are at least three elected officials who are currently, or plan to, sell their knowledge to those interested in getting in at the ground floor of what is expected to become a booming new industry. 

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US DEA moves to expand cannabis for research

By Britt E. Erickson

Scientists could soon have more options for purchasing cannabis for research purposes after the US Drug Enforcement Administration moved to expand the number of growers. Currently, the University of Mississippi is the only approved supplier of cannabis for research in the US. The DEA announced in 2016 that it would accept applications from other growers who want to supply cannabis for research, but the agency has yet to approve any of the more than 30 applications it received. That is about to change, if growers agree to the terms the DEA stipulated in a memorandum of agreement it sent May 14 to an undisclosed number of qualified applicants. Once the agreements are finalized, the DEA expects to allow the growers to cultivate limited amounts of cannabis to support DEA-licensed researchers. The agency says it plans to review the remaining applications and approve additional ones in the future.

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University of Maryland School of Pharmacy produces medical cannabis graduates


The first 132 students were slated to graduate Friday evening with master’s degrees in medical cannabis science and therapeutics from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore, a unique program in the nation aiming to standardize and professionalize the rapidly expanding industry.

The program launched two years ago after overcoming initial concerns about the legal status of marijuana at the federal level, and it quickly attracted dozens of professionals of all stripes who were working in the field or wanted to find a position.

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Couple jailed for importing £29k of cannabis to the Isle of Man

By Ellan Vannin

A couple who imported more than £29,000 of cannabis to the Isle of Man through the post have been jailed.

Christopher Corkill and Lisa Barnett, of Marathon Road, admitted arranging to have the parcel delivered to a separate address on 28 January.

Police found the pair in a car outside and a note on the house asking for parcels to be left in the porch.

Corkill, 44, was sentenced to 19 months while Barnett, 42, was jailed for 18 months at Douglas Courthouse on Friday.

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By Conor O’Brien

Medical cannabis is becoming increasingly liberalised across Europe, especially in high-income western countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. More recently, access has been opening up in France and the UK, with a trial access scheme underway in France and an increasing number of patients obtaining cannabis medication in the UK, as registered by ProjectTwenty21 and the new NHS registry of cannabis patients.

While Spain was among the first countries in Europe to decriminalise the personal use of cannabis, regulations on medical cannabis are trailing behind much of western and central Europe. Outdated laws around access to medical cannabis are still preventing patients from obtaining legal medical products other than a limited set of pharmaceutical cannabinoid products such as Sativex and Epydiolex. This is despite the fact that over 90% of the public support the legalisation of medical cannabis in Spain according to a recent survey by the Center for Sociological Research.

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